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Company Profile

Zhejiang Wanda Import And Export Company Limited was established in 1988, and has since then become one of the major Chinese players in the global field of DIY and professional tools and hardware.
Our line of products is both varied and exhaustive, ranging from hand tools, air tools, power tools, cordless tools, automotive, woodworking, gardening and home improvement tools to generators and shop/garage equipment. We offer, through our own ¡°King Kong Toolshop¡± brand, or using our customers¡¯ brand, packing with exciting and novel designs (color boxes, skin packaging, pouches, blow cases, double blisters, etc.), helping our customers¡¯ products to stand out in the crowd.
Our rich expertise and long-time commitment to professional service has enabled us to answer adequately to the needs of our growing list of customers, very often by adapting and responding immediately to their specific requirements, all at a guaranteed level of quality and reasonable pricing.
The King Kong Toolshop brand is a guarantee of strength and loyalty, and we will never hesitate to reach new heights for the benefit of our customers.


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